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Jewellery Post: Dia de los Muertos set

Listed on Etsy.

This is a 16 and a half to 18 and a half inch / 42 centimetre to 47 centimetre thick vintage metal chain necklace with silver tone charms and black glass beads and extension chain; comes with complementing earrings.

Necklace photo

The necklace

This gothic treat is perfect for Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, or everyday spookiness. The short chain ensures that your necklace will show even over a t-shirt and it can be worn with lots of other necklaces (check out the rest of the store for a variety of rosaries) for a cool layered look.

Earrings photo

The earrings

This was also sort of made for/about/relating to my best friend, who is from Juarez and has been making a little headway in teaching me Spanish (which means she’s been teaching me horrific swearwords and random bits of poetry, mostly).

It costs £14.99.

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