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Links post: December/January

Things My Friends Do

Things I’ve Done

  • … I’ll get back to you on that.

Things Strangers Have Done

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  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Cool! Will check out some of the links that interests me.

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  • Please stop yelling everything you have ever thought at each other, in the street, at ten to ten on a Sunday evening. 9 hours ago
  • I am not looking forward to the cold but I am looking forward to having the living room window shut at night and not hearing every argument. 9 hours ago
  • I was going to do something productive but I seem to be listening to Billy Bragg instead. 10 hours ago
  • I suppose I could take to bed with "Who's A Pretty Boy, Then?" and refuse to speak to anyone. 10 hours ago
  • Successfully bullied boyfriend into going to see Pride with me for a second time; I am now trying very hard to make sure the high lasts. 10 hours ago

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