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National Poetry Month: Day 24

Today’s News

Fortune to be made from forests of the future
When two immovable objects collide
Only one survivor found
Smuggled into the country
Star footballer reveals all
My affair with Royal member
Warnings of hard times ahead
Amazing artifact fake, says expert
Dog saves child from wolves
Mother sentenced to 12 years
Manager goes ballistic
Urban poverty on the rise
And we fell for it
Terror Threat
Fortune to be made from forests of the future
And we fell for it.

– Delilah Des Anges

Throughout this month I will be nagging readers to donate to MSF

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One Response

  1. I like how the line before leads into the next, but by the third line it sort of feels like a surrealist painting.

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  • RT @WhateverLizzie: UK PEOPLE: Advise me on phone carriers? Must have data and text. 15 hours ago
  • RT @qikipedia: Fruit flies that have no external genitalia have a mutation in their ‘Ken and Barbie’ gene. 18 hours ago
  • I wonder what it is about the phrase "I am officially [x]" being used by people who are not likely to have imitators that irks me so. 18 hours ago
  • It's like having an otherwise majestic human being occasionally smear poop on their face and then claim there is no poop there. 19 hours ago
  • I continue to be sad and disappointed re: a thing where some I respect greatly has some Issues with Trans People. 19 hours ago

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