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Things I Have Done

Edit, mostly. I think I might need to remove this section from future links posts since it’s never anything terribly impressive.

Things Strangers Have Done

  • Will Self rambled on and on and on about obscure words and what sounds like the endorsement of censorship because it drives people to me more creative. Needless to say, I don’t agree with him.
  • The Jacobin Mag takes a stance against chairs, of all things…
  • An interesting theory of storytelling (in game design) is mooted: story events are expenses against credibility as defined by the world-building.
  • Health At Every Size provides helpful pointers in how to remain a critical thinker about health.
  • A self-professed fan of Damien Hirst has some harsh words about his latest exhibition.
  • 9GAG shows you how to make headphones that are less shitty than Beats. As the cheerful possessor of some much better-quality, cheaper studio-tracking headphones (AKG K271 MKIIs, although there’s little enough between them and AKG K272s) I support this. For both professional and domestic applications, there are better and cheaper headphones.

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  • RT @givesyouHel: My friend told me today that he believes that Danny Dyer doesn't know he's in films, he just thinks he has a really exciti… 5 hours ago
  • See how much better the news is when I make it up? 5 hours ago
  • "at 4am GMT, Chike Okigbo became the first woman and indeed first person to set foot on mars. this is a great moment in the history of man." 5 hours ago
  • Climate change, ebola, simmerings of a new Cold War, famines, droughts, floods; couldn't we have a fun news like "lady lands on mars"? 5 hours ago
  • Tory government continues to arsefuck the poor, where "poor" means "anyone who hasn't donated to the Tories", anti-vaxxers exist, 5 hours ago

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