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Writing Exercises: In Character

Written while drinking VAT 69 from the bottle, listening to mid-nineties singles by Garbage, and intermittently watching an animated gif of static.

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  • Note: my "good news" is unfortunately always fabricated due to the world being awful. Goodnight! 27 minutes ago
  • I have just been reminded that I was supposed to be the good news feed today so: a major fashion label launches range for trans ladies. 27 minutes ago
  • Just in case anyone was starting to feel smug and self-righteous that "we" wouldn't do something like that. 29 minutes ago
  • Hey remember in 2003 when the UK and US kept bombing Iraqi hospitals 29 minutes ago
  • RT @y_alibhai: Tory Mark Harper paid undocumented immigrant cleaner £30 pw (cash).He is fine. She was snatched from her daughter's wedding … 30 minutes ago

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