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I know I’m posting erratically at the moment: my excuses are that I seem to be inexplicably writing another novel (I … wasn’t expecting to and didn’t intend to), but I shall almost certainly be gone between the 27th of June and the 19th of July because I am firing myself in a metal tube full of loud people to the other side of the planet for “fun”.

In other words, I am going on holiday to Australia because every English person is apparently required to do something this stupid by law. If I don’t die of spiders, I will be back and start the 100 Works of Art blog posts up again, and hopefully do the last of the SIX gift shops at the London Natural History Museum so that I can post that review as well.

I also hope to return with photos of koalas, please be upstanding for what is undoubtedly the pinnacle of my life.

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