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July Links Post

This will be short, as I have been out of the country for half of this month.

Things my friends have done

  • The lovely Lizzie Borden has recorded another cover, this time of Frank Turner’s “Photosynthesis“.

Things strangers have done

  • Cleolinda Jones has written Movies In 15 Minutes: The Avengers.
  • Examined the link between occultism and electronic music in a non-Chi9ck Tracts kind of way.
  • Written a charming piece on how the history and geography of London need to be “read” together for the city to make sense.
  • Determined five psychological traits in humans that really get in the way of writing, and how to work around them.
  • The renowned neurologist Oliver Sacks has written a very moving case study of the man with the most severe amnesia (anteriograde and retrograde) ever recorded. I find this especially fascinating as it determines which activities are assigned to which types of memory, and illustrates in a more scientific manner just how important emotions are to the function of the “non emotional” mind.
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  • RT @ronmarz: Got into discussion of Ayn Rand w/ daughter. After I explained Objectivism, daughter said, "That just sounds like another word… 10 hours ago
  • Recipe: Drunk Jerk Cake 19 hours ago
  • RT @daniel_barker: Banter is just what you use if you can't spell repartee. And want to be a bit racist. 21 hours ago
  • Aww great to see Dusty Limits' face on a Londonist bulletin, I haven't been to one of his shows in AGES. Must change that. 1 day ago
  • Exciting experimental cookery. Response from household: Australian thinks it's too spicy, Duff thinks it's too floury, I like it. #hohum 1 day ago

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