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New Book Release: The Breaking Of M – A Kindle Exclusive

The Breaking of M

A 16th century romance

Matimeo Calvisia, spy and rake, finds himself in 16th-century Venice and faced with an apparently insurmountable challenge: the widely-read but narrowly-lived Padre Vito Bonifatigo is calling his credentials into question. The prickings of Matimeo’s pride lead him through a moral maze and dog him all the way across the Atlantic, but sooner or later something has to give…

Available from the Amazon Kindle Store only, this ridiculous tale of swash, buckle, and a lot of kissing should keep you entertained for a good many commutes. It has intrigue! Romance! And men wearing dresses! Bandits! Pirates! Spies! And someone who is hilarious inept at riding a horse!

This no doubt staggering work of literature can be on your Kindle/Kindle-app-supporting-device for the princely sum of $1.99 USD, which Amazon informs me is currently about £1.30, a price at which most Londoners would be hard-pressed to find much else, including a cup of tea.

You may notice that the author name on this book is “Melissa Snowdon” rather than “Delilah Des Anges”; it’s still me, I’m just engaging in what I’m informed is called brand management. Basically, since The Breaking of M is a rather different tone and genre to the rest of my books, it’s sensible to have it under a nom-de-plume and not confuse strangers too much with the sudden change in tempo.

That aside: please buy my book! Read my book! Recommend it to your friends! If you want to, obviously.

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  • He had blood on his *glasses*. I just got hit in the face with the odd bit of costume. And am now 100% clearer on how to make boots. 8 hours ago
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  • Back from another evening of murderous entertainment at @The_Globe, replete with more splashes of fake blood and sore feet. Marvelous! 8 hours ago
  • In fact you can do that AND donate to ALS/MND! It's great! People can care about more than one thing at a time! We're awesome like that! 22 hours ago
  • Key point: donate a wee bit of money to MSF, if you can, and help them fight Ebola and lockjaw and malaria and things in many places. 22 hours ago

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