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A little note to say my post about PJ Harvey, “This Is Love”: PJ Harvey, Pop Music, and Female Sexual Desire has gone up at Bad Reputation.

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  • RT @bear_faced_lady: MP resigns for insinuating that man in a racist looking house might be a racist. Man airs views, confirms that he is i… 1 hour ago
  • RT @MooseAllain: My son fell off his new bike earlier and cut his knee open. I reacted quickly and immediately ran up shouting #firstworldp15 hours ago
  • RT @ShappiKhorsandi: My UKIP (UK Iranian Party) is gaining strength! We are gaining votes from supporters of now defunct British National P… 16 hours ago
  • Twitter! Our oven/hob is off because of GAS DRAMA, should I have microwave dinner or take-away? 17 hours ago
  • Gas woe update: we are allowed to close the window, and the landlady is been. Now we are waiting for another gas inspector. 23 hours ago

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