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A little note to say my post about PJ Harvey, “This Is Love”: PJ Harvey, Pop Music, and Female Sexual Desire has gone up at Bad Reputation.

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  • Relatedly: whoo-ee can you get a fever fast. 8 hours ago
  • (the more 12th century stuff however was proper banging. do more of that, shrewsbury! more exposed beams and monks!) 8 hours ago
  • No one is doing feature walls with damask wallpaper any more, Shrewsbury, and everyone is very over typeface font signs. #KeepUp 8 hours ago
  • Saw lots of balsam and the Abbey foregate and was enchanted by the way Shrewsbury lives in a timewarp between 2007 and 1167. 8 hours ago
  • Well I certainly went to Shrewsbury and potentially made myself actually physically sick with Coke Zero today. 8 hours ago

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