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June Links Post

(I may have taken a couple of months off from collecting interesting links due to having an extended holiday from everything).

Things Other People Have Done

  • The Oxford Dictionaries Blog have made a fine post detailing the evolving language of Tumblr. Lexocography is an interesting science and one which seems a lot like trying to move water with a sieve, from where I’m sitting, so it’s even more fascinating to see how one of the world’s most comprehensive dictionaries takes on the perpetually-changing dialects of the internet. (That said, a lot of the language defined isn’t unique to Tumblr).
  • Fickle Sense rendered up unto the internet a helpful tutorial on how to make circle skirts – full, 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4. Very useful for anyone wanting to make this most basic part of a wardrobe, excellent for sewing beginners.
  • Some very clever designers have made gold pendants out of city maps. Beautiful and an obvious way of expressing your civic pride.
  • These wonderful people have a business producing replicas of bones from a huge variety of vertebrate lifeforms, including extinct animals, and damaged human remains for pathological study. If I didn’t currently have a carrier bag full of actual bones dragged out of Thames waiting for me to clean them (it’s best not to ask), I would definitely be interested in flinging some cash in their direction.
  • Tumblr user chaperoned has created a handy guide to Reactive vs Proactive characters, why you should aim to write proactive characters, and how to do it, with a number of pertinent quotes. Said Tumblr user has also been a lot more polite about it than I usually am when dispensing writing “advice”.
  • Some mad genius has made animated shorts out of Superf*ckers, a fabulous/horrendous comic by James Kochalka. Which is wonderful, although possibly a little misleading if you are expecting the cute figures to behave like anything other than complete arsewipes.
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  • RT @NBCHannibal: "Sassy Science spin-off where they move to a small fishing hut but can't stay out of trouble." SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. … 1 hour ago
  • And this is why we don't to research into epidemics. Then you just turn into a hand-sanitizing food-irraditor and have no fun ever again. 1 hour ago
  • On the one hand the whole Sleepbox thing continues to delight me but on the other hand, BEDBUGS. 1 hour ago
  • Note: my "good news" is unfortunately always fabricated due to the world being awful. Goodnight! 4 hours ago
  • I have just been reminded that I was supposed to be the good news feed today so: a major fashion label launches range for trans ladies. 4 hours ago

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