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Hello, I am Delilah Des Anges, I live inside the internet and I write books, make jewellery, and design book covers for eBooks and print books by people like Melanie Clegg (Blood Sisters), Jacky Strong (My Little Eye), and Anna Clare (Summerland).

I enjoy David Attenborough’s documentaries, Leonard Cohen, completely failing to go out when I’ve promised I’m going to, calling people knobs, and whinging while drinking tea. I also like trashy detective novels, gold-plated pretty much anything, and Doc Martens.

I occasionally contribute guest posts to Madame Guillotine (pop culture and perving on historical hotties), and Bad Reputation (feminism, and talking nonsense about lady pop stars), and any other blog that waves a hanky in my face demanding words.

(Also if anyone is looking to hire someone I’m really good at typing boring repetitive data very fast & accurately for hours without getting bored or taking many breaks).

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  • Also I ate about 50% of a cow last night, which was much better than being on the internet and involved a @WhateverLizzie as well. 39 minutes ago
  • Hatereading as a concept continues to baffle me. If I don't like someone's thoughts I usually try to avoid them? 39 minutes ago
  • #bikeadventure also I totally cheated and had to get a bus part of the way because I was going too slowly (and dying). Less than half tho! 2 days ago
  • #bikeadventure I begin to see the appeal of extreme sports, although "cycling to work in London" is about as extreme as I can deal with. 2 days ago
  • #bikeadventure also being entirely focussed on not dying makes it hard to stress out about any other aspect of your life. 2 days ago

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